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 So this is me! The face behind Agave Designs. My name is Joanna Krause and I'm 26 years old. I've been married for 6 years to my best friend and biggest fan, Bendik Krause. Im a mom to a super energetic little 1 year old boy. I grew up in the states but I have lived in Norway for the last 15 years. I love the States, and miss it a lot, but Norway is definitely my home!


I've always been doing some kind of art project since I was little. My parents have probably invested in every kind of art form for me to try out in my life. Most have come and gone, but some ended up sticking. My heart has fallen in love with line drawing, gaouche, watercolors and acrylics. Art can be extremely satisfying and fulfilling, but it can also be uncomfortable to share this personal side of me with others. It challenges me to be quiet and do something I’m not totally sure how to do sometimes. I absolutely love creating things I think are beautiful.


I’ve also always loved different cultures and people and have had the opportunity to visit many different countries. I’ve always wanted to see the world, so anytime there was an opportunity to travel I was always interested and willing. The places that left the biggest impression on my life, good and bad, were Africa, Thailand, Russia, Poland, Cambodia, and The Netherlands.


After seeing the enormous divide of wealth and human suffering in the world I struggled to understand what my personal responsibility was. What can my hands and heart give to the ones that need it the most? How do I give a voice to the suffering ones and respond with beauty, value and dignity?


Human trafficking has always been something that is heavy on my heart. It is literally a problem effecting every community. This problem is so overwhelming...where do you even start to try and help? I realized that I can’t fix the world but I can start small by helping in my own home town. That is where Shalam Women comes into the picture. They work hands on with the women who are being exploited in our town, Kristiansand. So I started with the mindset of, “if I can just donate 20kr that’s better than nothing. That could buy some beautiful lady a cup of coffee and encouragement from someone who really cares.” Kindness can lead to anything!


That thought grew into combining my love for art and beauty with Human trafficking/ prostitution. My business motto is Women helping women. I want to be apart of lifting women up, encouraging them, giving them something beautiful to wear or look at. So not only are the women who are being exploited important to me, but also finding women on social media who want to be apart of this way of thinking. Once voice can start a ripple effect, but many voices can turn into a wave. Can you imagine a tsunami wave of support, love, and kindness...that can change the world.  


So I hope when you are here on my website that you find things that can fill you with joy, happiness, peace, encouragement, and a new sense of purpose.

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